About Me

I am an acupuncturist & sensual embodiment coach with a passion for reviving lives and connecting people to their inner power.

Sexuality was once a source of deep shame and pain for me.

The sexual harassment and emotional pain I experienced as a child led me to find solace in meditation at the age of 11. I taught myself how to connect with my inner world, which is what started me on my spiritual path. The world around me didn’t support who I was and so I learned to shut it out and tune in to my heart. At the age of 16, I began practicing yoga and felt confidence and grace in my body at a time when I needed it the most. I became a certified yoga instructor at the age of 18 and continued my practice as I went to college for psychology, hoping to help other people. Psychology gave me a great foundation but it felt very disconnected from the body and so I sought out a system of healing that integrated mind-body-spirit, which is how I found acupuncture.

“Everything I have been through thus far has been my spiritual path. I have transformed my deepest struggles into revelations and nothing has been in vain. Doing self-work is like internal alchemy; transforming the problem into the solution, and making diamonds out of my struggles.”

I have seen SO many people suffer because of their disconnection from their inner spark, their embodied sensual essence. I know that pain of feeling disconnected from the years I spent with my power locked away inside myself. It wasn’t until I found tantra yoga that I was able to heal my disconnection from my sensual body and feel more alive and fulfilled.

“When I started studying Tantra Yoga, I was surprised to tap into my sensual energy in a way that completely transformed me. I began feeling these surges of energy in my spine and through my hands and I became more and more sensitive to subtle energy. Not only did this make me more effective and intuitive as an acupuncturist, it made me feel more alive, more vibrant, and more embodied in my sensual expression. By awakening this sleeping part of me, I felt like the fog had been lifted and I came to know a new sense of freedom that reminded me of who I truly am. The work I do today comes from merging my years of studying the healing arts and acupuncture with the ancient systems of Tantra yoga to help other people find their highest, most vital expression of self.”


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