Author: Miriam Elyse


Overcoming The Dark Night of the Soul

The past two years have been some of the of the hardest in my adult life. I went through something I can only describe as a “dark night of the soul” and I experienced a deeper sense of helplessness than I had ever known. I was...


Revive Your Sex Life

How many of you have experienced the excitement of sex slowly fade away as you have gotten older? Maybe you can remember when it was so enthralling, you prepared for it days before and reminisced about it days after the event. Now, if you are...


Pleasure and Self-Love

“Love yourself” has become a catch-phrase and is easy to say but sometimes hard to wrap your mind around how to actively do it. But HOW do we practice self-love? How do we show ourselves the love that can be so easy to show to...


Flow-State Sex

Have you ever had the experience of the whole world stopping and time feeling infinite? For many people, the closest thing they have had to this experience is sex, or more specifically orgasm. Sex has the power to give us a glimpse of what lies...