Tantra Embodiment Coaching

Do you feel disconnected from your body and “in your head” too much?

Are you sluggish and wish you had more vibrant energy?

Do you feel unfulfilled by your sex life?

Have you been struggling with low libido and want more pleasure and passion in your life?

I want to help you experience what it feels like to THRIVE in your own skin! Once you experience your full radiance, you will wonder how you could have ever lived without it. I have watched many women transform, sometimes in front of my very eyes. I have helped women tap into their sensual essence sometimes for the first time and ‘own it’ instead of being sensual just to please their partner. Owning your sensuality for the sake of your own pleasure is one of the most empowering things you can do, and it will help you connect to your truth and your purpose more deeply!

The practice of Tantra yoga and internal energy cultivation unleashes this unbridled energy inside you and you can begin living life from a place of joy and passion, and come alive in ways that you never knew were possible.

By cultivating internal energy and your connection to pleasure, you are strengthening your inner fire and passion for life, and enlivening every cell in your body to create a youthful glow. By reintegrating your sensual energy into everyting you do, you begin to feel more whole.

In my private sessions we will dive deep into these practices and I will guide you through the transformation that you are ready to have. I provide a safe space for you to release your blocks and express your truth in a way that can allow for a breakthrough experience. I give my clients practical tools they can take home to create a daily tantric practice and continue their process of awakening.