Miriam Elyse / Testimonials

"Miriam is amazing. She has a uniquely sensual and healing soul which has been part of my transformation in every session. She has an empowering and sensual approach which creates a growing, healing, evolving experience that makes you glad to be alive. Whether it is a workshop or a one on one session, you will always get something transformative and enlightening from working with Miriam. I incorporated sessions with with Miriam to support my journey to become a Tantra trainer through Psalm Isadora's six month training program and it was a deeply beneficial addition to my journey, helping me move through some of the places where I was blocked.”


“Working with Miriam has helped me to understand my own power, and begin to integrate it more with who I am. Her knowledge and presence is profound and she creates a safe space to explore subtle energy and move through the blocks I was experiencing. I feel myself evolve through every session and can feel my own intuition becoming more powerful though my work with her.”


“Miriam is the real deal. She's really truly doing the work and not one of those masked spiritual types that teach from a place of ego. She's surrendered to something greater than herself and through that surrender she is deeply powerful. There isn't anything I wouldn't tell her and in fact she has reminded me that there are authentic souls out there that care through a detached place and not from a place of codependent energy trading. My soul drinks up every moment with her pure present energy. In a matter of two Skype sessions she helped me experience 3 different types of orgasms I had never had before! (all on my own!!) I would recommend any woman who wants to have a deeper experience of her sensuality to work with Miriam.”